CO2 preparation

I. Technical Principle 

Varieties of source gases rich in CO2 are pressed and purified after pressure swing adsorption and concentration to obtain food grade liquid dioxide after condensation, flashing and purification process. The high-purity food-grade carbon dioxide up to standards is filled into tank and bottle.

II. Technical Indicators 

Device scale: 1000~300000t/a

Purity: 98%~99.95% (v/v)

Pressure: ≥2.5MPa (G)

CO2 yield:

III. Characteristics and Advantages 

1. A wide range of raw materials;

2. The device covers a small footprint, with high security and reliability;

3. Low energy consumption, low costs of CO2;

4. High degree of automation, unmanned operation, without starting and stopping losses;

5. High utilization of raw materials, without environmental pollution.

IV. Application Fields 

Fermentation gas, shift gas, decarbonization regeneration gas, natural mine gas, and other gas sources containing CO2.