CO Preparation

I. Technical Principle 

Varieties of raw materials containing carbon monoxide are processed by using two-phase pressure swing adsorption technologies. In the first phase, components with adsorption capacity stronger than that of carbon monoxide are separated, and the carbon monoxide is used as the unadsorbed phase. In the second phase, carbon monoxide is adsorbed and its concentration is improved through replacement and obtains the product carbon monoxide by making use of depressurization/vacuumizing.

II. Technical Indicators 

CO pressure: 20Kpa

CO purity: 98~99%

Scale: 10~10000Nm3/h

CO yield: Larger than 80%

III. Characteristics and Advantages 

1. The use of regeneration gas is reduced through repeated replacement and regeneration, thus improving the CO yield;

2. Dedicated CO adsorbent ensures CO quality and yield;

3. A wide range of raw materials;

4. Modular design, factory assembly. Stereotypes complete sets of equipment supply are easy to transport and installation;

5. Low energy consumption, CO cost is low;

6. High degree of automation, unmanned operation, without starting and stopping losses;

7. Raw material utilization rate is high, without environmental pollution.