Hydrogen from biogas

I. Technical Principle 

Biogas at a lower pressure is concentrated after desulfurization and pressure swing adsorption, and the product methane is compressed, desulfurized and mixed with water vapor, and then converted and reacted by overheating under the action of catalyst, to obtain the fluidizing gas whose hydrogen content is larger than 70% (v/v%). The fluidizing gas is separated and purified by PSA unit to obtain product hydrogen.

II. Technical Indicators 

Hydrogen pressure: 1.6~3.0Mpa

Hydrogen purity: 99~99.999%

Scale: 200~100000Nm3/h

Consumption: 0.38~0.42Nm3/Nm3 H2 (converted to natural gas)

III. Characteristics and Advantages 

Separation at a lower pressure saves energy consumption and reduces production costs;

Methane recovery rate is high by using dedicated separation adsorbent.

Typical wastes-to-valuables process, with the lowest cost of hydrogen, and investment can be recovered within one year.